Shipping Policy provides shipping service to global countries. All the medicinal items will be delivered to the customer’s doorstep. We are associated with Airmail in order to provide a quick and expedited delivery, so there is no chance of delayed delivery. However, there are certain situations such as natural calamities or package has been held up by the customer can delay to a delivery period of the medicinal product to the customer location.

Our approved Xanax online pharmacy has a tracking facility to update the status of customer’s drug package. After the order confirmation, you will get a confirmation bill as well as tracking number or Id. With a unique tracking number, you can find the location where you drug parcel is. This facility will be active from the moment of drug package dispensing to the moment of delivery.

Shipping Charges and Estimate Days

We calculate shipping days by considering customer’s country. This is because the dispensing unit is situated in the United States of America, so it influences the shipping time as well as the date of other countries.

The following table will clarify the estimated delivery days as well as shipping charges in country wise.

Countries Estimated Days Shipping Charges
The United States 14-21 business days $40.00
The United Kingdom 15-20 business days $40.00
Australia 12-15 business days $40.00

In some cases, customers can get their drug parcel before the estimated days so trace your drug package until it arrives at your doorstep. Make a point to enter a precise delivery address while placing your Xanax order from the online pharmacy by means of that you will be able to receive your drug package without any issues. Track your drug parcel or estimated day of delivery, make available yourself or else arrange your family or friends to get your order. This is because when you missed receiving your parcel, it will be sent to dispensing unit and you have to pay again for shipping charge to get the medicinal parcel again.

Note: Right now, we do not have an option of overnight delivery and fast delivery. However, we assure you that both types of delivery will be available in the future.

Ordered medication will be enclosed appropriately by a discreet package. By means of that, there is a less possibility of medicines to be harmed amid the shipment. In case the drug was damaged at the time of delivery, we take all the responsibilities for the damage and reship or refund the drug without any changes.

Make sure that you have given the correct address to where the package is to be delivered or handled. Each parcel will be shipped in a discreet way so there will be no data about the prescription or the drug on the label.

Frequently Asked Questions

What would be the shipping cost?

The shipping cost is $40.00.

Should my presence is mandatory at the time of delivery?

Anyone can collect the drug package. Though it is better to make yourself available accordingly your tracking status to collect the drug package or else it will be delivered to post office so by contacting them you can pick up it.

What is the delivery time? How to find it out for my package

In general, customers who have opted for EMS will not get an expected delivery time for 10 to 12 working days. For RMS customers can expect their drug package within 14 to 17 working days. In rare situations, the drug package expected delivery date may take maximum 28 days for EMS and 60 days for RMS.

Do you have overnight shipping facility?

No, we do not have overnight shipping facility. However, we are working on overnight shipping so you may expect it in future.

Do you provide shipping bill along with tax?

Yes, we include tax of about 7.2% and shipping charges of about $40.00, and all the details will be also mentioned in your order confirmation invoices.

Am residing in Alaska, Do you offer to ship?

Yes, we offer shipment for the majority of USA states including Alaska.

Can I pay for my order using Cash on Delivery?

Right now, we do not have Cash on Delivery (COD) option. But you could expect this to be in payment method option in the future.

What should I do When am not satisfied with your shipping?

When you are not satisfied with our mode of shipping or way of shipping, raise a complaint by contacting our customer support team, and we will take necessary steps to sort out the problem.


At the point when the drug package is dispatched, we would send you confirmation e-mail along with tracking details. By clicking tracking details link, you will be redirected to tracking status. We will send a notification mail to your e-mail in case of improper address or unsuccessful delivery.

Search the messages in the spam envelope as well as it ought not to go unnoticed in these conditions. At the point when the RMS arrange is made you can’t check tracking updates for a minimum of two weeks. This is a result of customs delay so we request you to be patient. In case, your package is not delivered on the respective time frame, we are ready to reship the medication for free of cost.