Refund Policy is one of the many approved Xanax online pharmacies which follows the below-mentioned refund policy. Before making a refund request, please read this page carefully. Here, you come to know about the entire information about refund policy. We refund full amount only when the customer meets these requirements or eligibilities and if they failed to meet the eligibility criteria, it may not possible for them to claim the refund or the refund request would be canceled.

Possibilities to return the medications

For USA customers

Customers from the USA have to raise a refund ticket within 7 days. After that, we will refund the money to your account within a 10 working day.

For UK customers

Customers from the UK are also supposed to raise refund request within 7 days. And we may take minimum 15 days to refund the money to your account.

For Australia customers

For Australian customers, the refund time may take up to 21 days if they have raised the refund request within 7 working days.

It is clear here, the refund duration will vary by considering customers location. In certain cases, the refund duration will vary with respect to what type of bank service that you have chosen for your payment.

Package return process

Correct package

When the customer received the correct package, but do not want the drug. In such cases, the customer should not open the drug parcel and need to contact or inform our customer support team. Our employee or delivery person will come and take the parcel back only if the parcel is not opened.

Customers need to pay $30 for shipping as well as packing if they got a correct package.

Incorrect package

When the customer received a wrong drug package, they would fit into this incorrect package category. The customer has to raise a complaint from their side either by contacting us through the toll-free number or by e-mail. At the point, our team will verify the real reason behind the wrong package and collect the parcel without any extra cost if the mistake lies on our side or else you have to pay for shipping when the mistake comes from your side.

In case of an incorrect package, customers have to pay 50% of the overall package charge along with shipping cost when the mistake lies on their side.

Damaged package

Customers need to check the quality of the package instantly. When it crosses a certain time period we would not be in the situation to acknowledge your claim even the package is in damaged condition. So dependably check if the received parcel is in good condition or not.

When the packaged was damaged by our shipping team, we provide you either full refund or replace so you can choose the one option according to your wish.

Eligibility to claim a refund online pharmacy customers will be able to claim the refund only if they meet the following eligibilities.

If you find have damage in the received tablet then it is an absolute necessity to inform it to the customer support team. Remember! You need to inform the damage within a week otherwise your claim would not be taken into consideration.

If you received an expired medication, you have all the right to claim the refund. In this case, you will get 100% refund likewise you can also ask our customer support team to ship a new set of tablets.

There are individuals who might have been advised to stop the treatment. In this circumstance, you need to pay the refund amount as said above. But customers have to provide doctor’s prescription as an evidence if not then your refund process may not be carried out.

In this online pharmacy, you could find all sorts of details about the medication including drug manufacturer and we also notify those details prior to order confirmation. Thus, you would not claim the refund once it sold to you.

We will reship your order when the damage on the drug package was made by our shipping or dispatch team. We do not cost any charges for such cases. In case reship is not possible, we refund the full amount to your account. You can contact our customer support team for the further process; they will guide as well as assist you through until the refund process.