Privacy Policy

We would be collecting certain personal information like email address, phone number, name, delivery address and credit card number. These are the details that can help us to identify the person and make a transaction for the medication. This information is definitely very important for an individual and this is why we have a secure network. IT professionals are assigned to protect these details.

When you visit this site even non-personal information would be collected like cookies, web beacons, and log files. The only motive for us to collect this information is because we would like to improve the search results of an individual.

Once we have improved the policy then there will be a brief change in this page. So, this means that privacy policy would change from time to time with no prior notice to anyone.

This site would take every measure to protect the privacy policy of a person. People who are utilizing this website should know that at any point of time, it is a must that you should not misuse the details of other visitors of the site.

In case of such violation then a person would face legal issues from our site for sure.