Payment Options – Approved Xanax Online pharmacy has established a variety of payment options for the benefit of worldwide customers. Also, the payment services are intended to provide wider access to our customers. Hence, our ultimate goal is to provide a risk-free transaction for your payment method and to choose the comfortable payment option.

Available payment option

As of now, we are offering certain payment options such as

  1. Western Union
  2. E-check and
  3. Master credit cards

Before-mentioned payment options require customer’s actual transaction credential to proceed the payment.

All the payments are protected by secure payment gateways so users can use our payment services without any error at any time.

Western Union

Many may not be aware of how to use Western Union? Right, no need to worry about it because we are here to help you regarding this payment method. Western Union has two types of options. First one is you can pay for your order from any of the western union locations. The second type is you can use either debit or credit card for your payment.

How to send money via Western Union

You can send money through Western Union for your order by using online, phone or mobile application. Are you still confused? Ok, let’s look out the all the methods in detail.

Online: You can pay for your order through online by using the mobile application or official website. But first you have to create an account with Western Union, then login to the account and pay for your order. Otherwise, link your bank account with Western Union and pay for your order.

Phone call: Do not have internet? No issues. Simply make a call to our customer representatives, they are always ready to guide you, but make sure before calling them, you have a credit or debit card with worldwide transaction facility.

western union


E-check also called electronic check which is a one form of online payment. In this method, the money will be electronically withdrawn from the customer’s checking account and paid for your order by using ACH network.  The payment must be authorized by the customer.

How to pay while buying Xanax online by using E-check

To pay for your Xanax order using E-check, select E-check payment in the payment options page, and fill all the required information such as account number, bank number, bank name and etc. Make successful payment for your online Xanax order.

Be more cautious while entering or typing your bank name as well as the account number to avoid errors. The bank name and account number will be located on the bottom of the check and account number would be 8 digits, and sometimes it may vary.

e-checkMaster Card

MasterCard is an electronic payment card which uses its own network for transaction communication process. MasterCard can be a debit, or prepaid or credit card. We have millions of customer around the globe and most of them using MasterCard method for their online payment. Make sure that you have enough amount of cash in your credit as well as the debit card while placing your order with us.

Procedures to pay online using MasterCard

Once you have done with the basic steps such as dosage selection, pills quantity and add cart page, choose the MasterCard mode of payment for the order in the check out page. Then, enter the following details to complete the process.

Enter delivery address

In the given address box, enter your full address along with postal code where the drug package has to be delivered. Make sure that you have mentioned a correct address to avoid unnecessary errors. After that, the calculated shipping cost and expected delivery time will be displayed on the screen. The shipping cost will be based on your delivery address distance.

Select MasterCard payment mode

In checkout page, there will be an option what type of payment that you are going to choose for your order. Select the MasterCard and proceed with the following process. You can contact our customer support team through the mail or call if you are not able to access your MasterCard. Then, they will work on it to sort out the problem and help you to complete the payment.

Enter your details

Enter all the details such as card number, expiration date, and CVV number without any mistake.

Enter billing address

Enter your billing address in the given space and it should match your MasterCard address in order to proceed the transaction. Refer your MasterCard statement for the exact billing address. Once you finished above steps, review all the details that you entered are correct or not.

Now, you may be aware of Western Union, MasterCard, and E-check payment methods to pay for your Xanax without hassle by using the one which is more comfortable for you. We assure you that all the payments which are done here are completely safe and anonymous.


Secured Transaction

We use 128-bit encryption to protect all the payment credentials that you enter in our portal. Along with that our online service is secured by SSL system so users can be more confident about their transaction. In our URL you could find a green lock with an https address which shows that you are on the protected server.

All your privacy and confidential information are protected from hacking as well as piracy by using the secured software. The data that you enter in our website will be instantly converted as a 128-bit code under the TLS 1.2 protocol which ensures that our pharmacy is completely safe as well as risk-free.

Our future services

Right now, our payment service has multiple payment options facility by means of that our customers could pick their comfortable mode of payment according to their choice. Apart from this, you could expect different card payment facilities in the future.

Our exceptional offers

We have an option of redeeming points which can be used by both new and regular customers. In order to get or increase redeem points, customers have to make a purchase from our pharmacy. By using redeem points customer can reduce some amount from the overall drug price. Every 10 redeem points consist of a worth of single dollar so users make use of this redeem point option to lessen the price of the drug.

Changes in payment policies

All the information given on this payment policy may change whenever without prior notification. Likewise, pricing details mentioned in this site will also vary during payment time. This might be based on the following reasons: technical or printing error, import cost, error in digital images, production cost change, and updates regarding our services. Also, we may change product cost at any time.

Once we generated a transaction invoice, we do not make any changes so you will have to pay only the displayed amount of cost at the time of payment.

Inconvenience in Transaction

If you have any queries or questions regarding payment transaction, contact our customer care team to sort out the problems. They will endeavor to rectify the all the problems including technical issues and guide you towards the solution as well. If the problems are not fixed out from our side, you are requested to contact your bank to identify the issues regarding the payment.  Reach us immediately if you are confronting any inconvenience.