Xanax and Pregnancy

effects of xanax on pregnancyXanax is a highly potent anti-anxiety medication and may not be suitable for use in pregnant women. Anxiety issues can occur in any person and pregnant women are particularly vulnerable as the hormonal changes make them more prone to these conditions. This during pregnancy may not be the optimum choice but it may be required in certain circumstances. One can always be prepared for this scenario by learning about what are the effects of Xanax on pregnancy.

Anxiety in pregnant women

Women who develop anxiety disorders are commonly prescribed with the benzodiazepine Xanax. Those who already experience symptoms of anxiety before the pregnancy is more likely to have stronger anxiety symptoms during the pregnancy. Hormonal fluctuations at this time usually warrant the use of strong anxiety relievers like Xanax and other anxiety controlling techniques may not be as effective. Before trying to self-medicate or just leaving the anxiety symptoms untreated, pregnant women with anxiety problems should address their concerns with the primary healthcare provider and take suitable measures to bring the symptoms under controlled. Untreated anxiety can be very stressful and also lead to other problems like depression.

How Xanax affects the pregnancy?

This drug is classified as a schedule IV drug and falls into the pregnancy category ‘D’, meaning that there is definite evidence of risk to the developing baby. Some of the effects of Xanax are severe withdrawal symptoms or even depression in the newborn. The drug dependence that Xanax causes can be passed on from the mother to the baby. There is also the possibility of the baby developing congenital birth defects. While these possibilities are there when this drug is used during pregnancy, how much the drug can affect the fetus depends on the health of the person taking the medication and the duration of the drug course, along with the dosage strength.

A woman who becomes pregnant while on Xanax should not discontinue taking the medication cold turkey and should get help from the doctor for proper dose tapering. Also, the sooner the drug is discontinued the lesser the chances of the drug affecting the fetus.

Should pregnant women never use Xanax?

Women buying Xanax during pregnancy should always be discussed with the doctor before making any changes to an existing dose or starting the drug course. The drug may cause harmful effects but the use of this drug may be required in individual cases where the benefits far outweigh the risk. Before starting a new drug course with this pills during the pregnancy term, the patient should work with the doctor regarding alternative anxiety-relieving techniques like yoga, meditation, sound therapy, etc., all the things that help calm the mind. Anxiety and panic are likely to develop in a number of pregnant women but the use of these pills for the treatment is at the discretion of the healthcare provider.